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View beginning to end project breakdowns to get acquainted with our process. What was there before, what did we design, how did the finished product turn out? We even breakdown what challenges and elements we encountered in the design all the way down to the key construction methods and materials used in the landscaping.

Everyone wants a yard they can be proud of and that inspires them to be outside. The problem is most landscaping is done to just cover the ground as cost effective as possible with no plan in place to create an outdoor experience. The result is a boring, unused, high-maintenance landscape you spend time and money on only to look out the window and never go outside. We got tired of this model!

That is why we created a design-to-build process aimed at delivering functional, artistic, low-maintenance landscapes that inspire homeowners to unplug and get back outside. Get a yard transformation that is both on budget and beautiful by using our experience and expertise to guide you.

Simply fill out an above form to start the process and let our fully certified team take care of design, permits, materials, ordering, construction…& most importantly, creating a space that excites you. 


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Exciting times at Team Peregrine, we can now officially say we are a Certified Aquascape Contractor.  What has been a goal and on the to do list is now a reality.

What it means for our clients? Besides our catalogue of previously installed water features to go off of in making your decision, you can also know that we are certified to install all of those beautiful water features to the highest level of artistry and build standards out there.

Looking forward to sharing our love of water features with our clients and our new CAC brotherhood.


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We could talk about #landscaping all day every day...and why your #landscape needs lights! Do yourself a favor and let us design and install a lighting package to bring you #outdoorliving into the night!

Just another detail that we won't overlook because to us, landscaping is an art form not just a way to cover the ground.

Website link in bio...that's where the transformation starts.

Looking forward to making 2023 our best season yet!  Excited to be working with @synkedup to make our process better and make sure our clients get the best experience possible.

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Don't settle for a landscape that just covers the ground. High maintenance and boring aren't in our vocabulary.

Create an outdoor experience with our team that pulls you out of the house and into the yard.


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You don’t know what elements can be included in your landscaping until you see them for yourself. Get inspired by viewing some of our work and see what is possible. Take note of landscape elements or styles you would like in your own space so we can make sure to bring some of those ideas into your unique project. When it comes to your Regina landscaping, let’s make it exceptional down to every last detail.