Courtyard Curves

Design Overview

No grass, low maintenance, full of plants, and add some WOW factor. This yard was a challenge due to the overgrown mess that the client inherited. Their vision was a courtyard garden with a walking path, fire feature, and WOW factor focal point that could be enjoyed outside or inside from an enclosed deck.  On top of that they wanted a more rustic feel.

Enter the design phase where we leaned into the curves of the courtyard feel by rolling every edge and choosing spheres as our focal point feature. We also accommodated the rustic feel by going with a colour blended cobble style paver and tumbled wall stone. The views from everywhere in the yard are spectacular and the lush plantings truly make this small space a courtyard getaway.

I had the good fortune of having Tony, Barclay and their crew complete a total landscaping and Aquascape project at my home in 2022. Their planning and execution of the project was 5 STAR from start to finish. Their passion for their work was apparent in every stage of the creation. They successfully transformed our yard from a write off to an Oasis. Bonnie and I have spent time every day relaxing and enjoying the finished design. I recommend these gentlemen full heartedly, you won’t be disappointed.

Yard Tour

Build Specs

Belgard Roman Euro in Victorian was used for the walkway to ensure a rustic courtyard feel in a running bond pattern to draw you through the yard to see all it has to offer. Base prep was predominantly compacted crushed rock in order to stage this job across two years while still keeping it clean and functional, with a final layer of compacted base and a bedding layer in the second year before installing the pavers. PAVING STANDARD BUILD SPEC

3 x Stacked Slate Sphere pondless fountain (1 x large + 1 x medium + 1 x small). This fountainscape needed to be visible and exceptional from all sides. The spheres and lighting system on them ensure they are the center of conversation day or night. To get extra water flow and a bigger visual impact of water gushing we customized the fountains with oversized pipe cut into them. This client added an upgrade of locally harvested moss logs into the water feature & a dosing system for water clarity. FOUNTAINSCAPE STANDARD BUILD SPEC

Curbing and garden walls are all Belgard Weston Stone in Victorian colour to keep that rustic feel of the pavers going. Base prep was compacted crushed rock to ensure great drainage but still a stable surface for long term stability with flexible adhesive to secure secondary courses exactly where we set them as well as allowing for frost heaving without the adhesive bond snapping. COURTYARD WALL STANDARD BUILD SPEC

All plantings are planted with Mycorrhizae booster. All cedar mulch and round rock groundcovers are laid on fabric underlay and spread to a minimum depth of 4″. Drip irrigation to all new plantings to ensure future plant health.