Artificial Turf Knowledge

Artificial Turf & Putting Green Knowledge

Your turf or putting green is extremely low maintenance and user friendly. You will note that it can retain heat when it is in direct sunlight. Go ahead and sprinkle the lawn with water on a hot day to help cool the blades and make it softer to the feet.

Artificial Turf & Putting Green Maintenance

You can pressure wash, rake, leaf blow, and broom your new artificial turf or putting green with no affect to the integrity of the system. Further, if you have pets that consistently go to the washroom on it, go ahead and soak those areas well a couple of times a season to help wash down any lingering scents or organic debris.

We also recommend doing an annual clean up of the turf with a broom or power broom to pull any debris out and apply a turf deodorizer to harmlessly neutralize any lingering debris and scents from your pets. We can also perform this for you and you can learn more about it on our Maintenance Options page.