Landscape Lighting Knowledge

Landscape Lighting Knowledge

Your landscape lighting is a low-voltage LED system that uses almost no power compared to normal lighting. If you bump or hit a fixture you can just push the fixture back in place without any harm. The beauty of your lighting system is that it can be added to almost endlessly whenever you feel like you want some more light in another area of your landscape.

You can also relocate most fixtures within a 3′ – 5′ radius by simply pulling them out of the ground and re-staking them in the new location. We often see this done as trees mature and you want the beam to be further away from the trunk.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Your lighting system is set up to a timer with a photocell. This means the timer automatically detects the amounts of ambient sunlight in the air and then turns on or off when it is either dark enough or light enough outside. You can also set the runtime of your lights via a dial on your timer to be 4 – 8 hours after the sun goes down or from dusk until dawn if you prefer. On standard we set the lights to run from dusk until dawn.

If you happen to have a smart Bluetooth controller you can control your lights via an app on your phone that can be found in both the Apple and Android app stores.  For more information on the app you can check out the IT Controller Playlist on Youtube.