Plants & Drip Irrigation Knowledge

Plant & Drip Irrigation Knowledge

Your plants are all locally zone hardy choices that are set up for success in our climate. With a drip irrigation system to water them you can almost guarantee success. Coniferous trees and shrubs (evergreens) on standard will grow slower than your deciduous trees and shrubs (leaved plants).  However, plants are living things and can die from time to time, this is why we have a 1 year replacement warranty on all plants installed with a drip irrigation system.

Plant & Drip Irrigation Maintenance

Your trees and shrubs should be pruned in the fall or spring before new growth occurs for the least amount of shock to the plants. Likewise, we recommend cutting back perennials in the fall or spring as well.

With your drip irrigation system there are small emitters that are run under your groundcover material (rock or mulch) to the base of each plant. These emitters are on their own zone in your irrigation timer (for more information on your timer, jump to the top of this page under sod & irrigation maintenance). Essentially, the drip emitters let a slow drip of water out at the base of the plant where the roots need it, and are applied at a rate that allows the water to seep into the soil rather than run off (think of a faucet not shut all the way off and dripping into the sink).