Rock & Mulch Bed Knowledge

Mulch Bed Knowledge & Maintenance

Your mulch beds are the best medium to encourage plant health and growth. That said, mulch is an organic material and will lose colour and decompose over time. You can turn your mulch over with a rake to rejuvenate the look and colour of it every year and then once approximately every 3 years you will need to top up your mulch with new mulch.

To clean leaves out of your mulch beds we recommend a light fan raking and leaf blowing on a lower setting.

Rock Bed Knowledge & Maintenance

Your rock beds will help keep weeds at bay and the ground looking clean. That said, you will still get dirt blowing into the pores and spaces between the rock allowing for weeds and seeds to settle in and germinate. To keep your rock clean we recommend either hand pulling or some selective herbicide treatments. You can also clear debris from rock beds via a leaf blower on a higher setting.