Sod & Irrigation Knowledge

Sod & Irrigation Knowledge

Your new sod lawn is set up for success with fresh topsoil underneath & an irrigation system to make sure it thrives. With your new lawn we recommend staying off that area for 2 weeks to allow the roots to properly establish and the sod to settle in. For best results and lawn health we strongly recommend cutting your grass to a height of 2.5″ – 3″.

Sod & Irrigation Maintenance

Your lawn irrigation is set to run on standard 3 times a week for a total weekly water coverage of 1″ of moisture. Further we set the systems to run very early in the morning to avoid using water during your normal morning routines.

On standard we install a B-Hyve wifi timer that can be accessed via the B-Hyve app that can be found on both the Apple and Android app stores. From this application you can change, shut-off, and monitor your watering from the comfort of your phone. For more information and some how-to videos you can check out the B-Hyve Knowledge Youtube Playlist.

Every fall your irrigation system will need to be blown out to keep your warranty and protect the system. As well, you will need to start the system back up every spring. If you would like us to do all of that for you check out our Maintenance Page for more information on those services.