Wall Systems Knowledge

Wall System Knowledge

Your new retaining wall or freestanding wall is in place and built to last.  With any concrete product you should expect a process called efflorescence to take place. This is a completely natural and expected process that sees the migration of salt to the surface of a porous material like concrete, where it forms a coating.  The efflorescence process will leave a white residue/coating on your concrete products (pictured at the bottom of the page) as the result. This coating is neither permanent nor harmful to your wall and will naturally wear off over a couple seasons.

Wall System Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning your walls you should avoid pressure washing them as this can damage the concrete or break up the jointing material/adhesives. Instead, use a leaf blower, your garden hose on any setting, or a stiff bristled broom to clean the surfaces. If you happen to stain or spill on your wall there are several cleaners that are paving/concrete specific that you can use. Reach out to our friends at The Rusty Shovel Landscape Shop for all the best options.

For the winter months, avoid using salts and ice melts as many of these products will naturally break down concrete.

Wall Efflorescence