Intricate Features

Design Overview

A modern and maintenance-free retreat in this backyard is exactly what we delivered. Artificial turf, fountainscape, paving stone patio, easy plants with drip irrigation, and some soft night lighting to finish it all off.

Tight spaces can still be interesting with some creativity, craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. With a client wish list, a design, and some trust, we can guide a bland patch of dirt to a client’s backyard getaway. By giving our team some runway and trusting our design and material selections we were able to create one-of-a-kind custom patios and water features that will stand out above a normal yard any day.

Yard Tour

Build Specs

Belgard Dimensions 3″ x 9″ in Tofino Grey with Techo-Bloc Squadra accent bands in Onyx Black.  This patio is a very intricate showcase of this client’s want for something unique and what our hardscape experts can build. Not only did we install a cross hatch banding that boldly frames the patio sections we as well laid all of the lighter stone in a herringbone pattern so as to create contrasting joint lines with the cross hatching. All of this together makes this entire patio POP and stand out. PAVING STANDARD BUILD SPEC

This tight and intricate pondless waterfall combined with a fountainscape uses several custom elements while also looking natural and organic to the space. By implementing the spillway bowls as starting areas and focal points for the waterfalls the entire feature becomes front and central to this yard.  We were able to create multiple waterfalls with different spill styles despite little to no elevation to work with. Finally by creating retention and framing of the feature by using large rectangular natural stone blocks we were able to blend the edges of the water feature from natural to a bit more modern so the entire water feature fits in perfectly with the surrounding landscaping.  PONDLESS STANDARD BUILD SPEC

Artificial turf is Bella Turf Cascade Elite to ensure a clean and realistic lawn look but without the hassle of lawn care, and infilled with PureZeo infill to keep it pet friendly. Our base prep was a combination of compacted crushed rock and a bedding layer to ensure a combination of stability and drainage, as well as careful attention to grading, for consistent and dependable long term control of water. ARTIFICIAL TURF STANDARD BUILD SPEC