Pond Oasis

Design Overview

This yard was first and foremost built around the clients want for a water feature to be the central focus no matter where you were in the yard. The sight lines from inside had to be as good as the sight lines outside and the vibe goal was to marry modern hardscaping with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Must haves included a pond, putting green, something with fire, a fire table area, dining area, sun lounger area, a bit of lawn, and extra room to move around on the patios.

Goals achieved in our opinion!

“I never dreamed our yard could look like this! Everything from beginning to end was beyond our expectations and we just can’t thank Peregrine enough for the work they have done. We will be spending many more summer days and nights outside now!!”

Yard Tour

Build Specs

Belgard Dimensions 18 in Tofino Grey with 4″ x 8″ Charcoal Holland Stone inset bands (1 x sailor course + 1 x soldier course) and Techo-Bloc Borealis 5″ x 30″ Smoked Pine area rug inlay. Underneath this patio is all clean stone base (no fines) in order to allow water to freely drain through the base.  We paid extra intention to the patio grading to divert water away from the house and pond in order to keep the pond ecosystem clean of any excess debris. PAVING STANDARD BUILD SPEC

This 20′ x 30′ Aquascape ecosystem pond is kept crystal clear with a wetland filter. Water is constantly in motion and recirculated via the pond pumps and in pond jets to additionally keep the water quality top notch. As a result of the filtration system and water motion this pond will never breed mosquitoes and avoid water quality issues like algae altogether. Further, in order to put this feature over the top and give it that resort style WOW we added some fountainscape elements: 1 x large stacked slate sphere + 1 x small stacked slate sphere & 1 x 3 piece Mongolian basalt feature with propane fire inserts. POND STANDARD BUILD SPEC

Main turf is Bella Turf Cascade Elite and putting green is Bella Turf Eagle Putt. With a large dog to contend with we made sure to make sure the base prep for the main turf was all free draining clean stone. This means any pet waste drains straight through it and the turf itself can be soaked with a hose or even pressure washed.  The turf is kept cool and any bacteria is kept at bay by adding PureZeo infill.  On the other hand, the putting green is finished as smooth as glass with finer base material to ensure a true roll of the golf ball. ARTIFICIAL TURF STANDARD BUILD SPEC

In pond and path retaining walls are Belgard Ashlar Tandem Wall in charcoal. Like with the patio all of the base prep and back fill is clean stone to ensure water management is taken care of. With one of the retaining walls being built inside of the pond extra care is taken to use only fills that will not wash out over time and will resist any force from water or ice.  Because we could, we also built a staircase from the patio directly into the pond. RETAINING WALL STANDARD BUILD SPEC

The goal was low maintenance but lush. In order to make this possible we stuck to a planting palette of local hardy and native plants. An emphasis was given to grasses and smaller shrubs with smaller water loving perennials being planted directly in the pond or on the edges. In a few years everything will be grown in and at its potential. The most this yard needs is a perennial cut back once a spring when needed because the entire yard benefits from a drip irrigation system that is controlled by a smart timer the homeowner can adjust from their phones.

The night time needed to be equally as inviting as the day time while providing some functionality to the yard. We added a plethora of under water lighting to make the pond come alive as well as some crucial step lighting so the in pond steps could be safely traversed.  Any grade change from stairs is couple with a light fixture to make sure there are no nigh time spills and the putting green lights up just the same for a round of midnight putting.  Like with the irrigation this is all controlled from a smart timer but this one is programmed to turn on and off with the sunrise.  No solar lights that last a season, these are all professionally installed LED fixtures with a 20 year + expected bulb life.