Project Showcases

Cascading Entrance

This front yard had a non-functional and failing walkway that needed to be re-done. Concrete that was heaving and cracking made an unusable path and were pushing on the stair case to the house from freeze thaw cycles. We cam in and designed and built a new inviting but eye-eye catching set of front cascading stairs and landings. Not only did the stairs need to be beautiful the homeowner needed them to blend seamlessly with the architecture of the house so they looked like they were planned with the original build! Add in the homeowners love for gardening and horticulture and this meant we needed to create a space that had local hardy plants that were densely planted so they started to mature and spill onto the hardscapes overtime. By doing this the hardscapes will soften and blend into the surrounding landscape in no time!

Showpiece Pond

A pond centerpiece to be envious of! From an old dysfunctional pond that never quite worked to a brand new work of art that became the talking point an focal point of the entire property. There are 3 bowls that are custom cut to have different water fall patterns coming out of each, 2 spheres that were bored out and custom plumbed with larger piping, a hidden trickling waterfall through the fountain elements, and a pond for fish at the bottom.   Our team of certified experts has big ideas and the skill to do it if you want your own water feature showpiece!

Intricate Features

A modern and maintenance-free retreat in this backyard is exactly what we delivered. Artificial turf, fountainscape, paving stone patio, easy plants with drip irrigation, and some soft night lighting to finish it all off. Tight spaces can still be interesting with some creativity, craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. With a client wish list, a design, and some trust, we can guide a bland patch of dirt to a client's backyard getaway. By giving our team some runway and trusting our design and material selections we were able to create one-of-a-kind custom patios and water features that will stand out above a normal yard any day.

Natural Retreat

With this yard and design we really wanted to lean into the client's request for a natural feel custom finishes. In order to do this we added in items like the wood bridge, dense planting, meandering water feature, and natural stone to pull in some natural feel. This was then paired with intricate brick work, a more formal wall around the firepit, and adding a bubbling sphere to the water feature to create the high-end custom look the client wanted. We as well solved several issues within the yard to ensure a long term homeowner friendly space; saturated soils under the walkout deck that heaved and caused concrete failure in the past, creating a staircase down the overly steep side of the house, adding a landing and area for garbage bins off the side of the garage, and fully automated watering systems for plants and grass. Who said solving problems needed to look boring!

Pond Oasis

This yard was first and foremost built around the clients want for a water feature to be the central focus no matter where you were in the yard. The sight lines from inside had to be as good as the sight lines outside and the vibe goal was to marry modern hardscaping with the natural beauty of the outdoors. Must haves included a pond, putting green, something with fire, a fire table area, dining area, sun lounger area, a bit of lawn, and extra room to move around on the patios.
Regina Landscaping and Landscape Design

Low Maintenance Modern

Modern clean lines meets no maintenance! This design needed to marry crisp straight lines with the clients wish list: low maintenance, some artificial turf, a wood burning firepit area, extra privacy on a new deck, clean sight lines from out of the house, a patio with a bit of customization, and a few plants to make it feel a bit warmer. So we did just that by having the ground level patio with an inset band cut into it, elongating the deck stair so we didn't have a railing cutting in front of the main window views, adding a privacy screen to the deck, going with a grey/charcoal colour palette everywhere, and finally adding cedar mulch and plants to the borders to reduce maintenance and warm the colours up a bit.
Regina Landscaping and Landscape Design

Courtyard Curves

No grass, low maintenance, full of plants, and add some WOW factor. This yard was a challenge due to the overgrown mess that the client inherited. Their vision was a courtyard garden with a walking path, fire feature, and WOW factor focal point that could be enjoyed outside or inside from an enclosed deck.  On top of that they wanted a more rustic feel. Enter the design phase where we leaned into the curves of the courtyard feel by rolling every edge and choosing spheres as our focal point feature. We also accommodated the rustic feel by going with a colour blended cobble style paver and tumbled wall stone. The views from everywhere in the yard are spectacular and the lush plantings truly make this small space a courtyard getaway.