Showpiece Pond

Design Overview

A pond centerpiece to be envious of! From an old dysfunctional pond that never quite worked to a brand new work of art that became the talking point an focal point of the entire property. There are 3 bowls that are custom cut to have different water fall patterns coming out of each, 2 spheres that were bored out and custom plumbed with larger piping, a hidden trickling waterfall through the fountain elements, and a pond for fish at the bottom.

Our team of certified experts has big ideas and the skill to do it if you want your own water feature showpiece!

We had a pond and waterfall area installed in our yard by Peregrine Landscaping . From the initial designing to the finished project it was a great experience. We are so pleased with the finished result, beyond expectation. The team was so professional and went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect . The end result is stunning . I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a first class landscaping service .We are looking forward to working with them again this year on another project.

Yard Tour

Build Specs

This fountainscape that has been integrated into the bond has 5 separate elements that have all been custom modified to create all those varying water effects. 3 bowls with 3 different spillway styles and 2 spheres plumbed up with larger flow make sure there is something to wow the eye everywhere you like from every angle. We also implemented logs harvested from the forest and went as far as grinding one out and creating a planter out of the ground out pocket. You can see this log suspended above the stream and resting against one of the custom cut bowls.

The heart of this feature is the pond that replaced an old malfunctioning one. This pond has proper filtration, circulation, and planting to make sure it stays crystal clear and problem free. By implementing the tried and true steps of an Aquascape ecosystem pond installed by a Certified Aquascape Contractor like ourselves the homeowner can rest easy knowing this feature will stand the test of time. POND STANDARD BUILD SPEC

In planting this feature we focused on adding aquatic plants inside the feature itself that help to remove excess nitrogen from the water and ensure a crystal clear pond. On the edges of the pond we made sure to implement a bunch of creeping groundcovers to add pops of colour while keeping the growth height low so as not to block any views.